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Your relationship is so central to everything else in your life.

About The Couples Communication Institute

When you're doing well in your relationship you have more to give in your life.

You know how different your whole life feels when you and your partner are happily in harmony, versus when the two of you are struggling. You know how alive and focused you can feel when your partner has your back, and how distracted and drained you feel when your home life is full of conflict or distance.

The Couples Communication Institute is the place where fabulous relationships are taught, because there's so much you never learned before....

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    Learn the tools and strategies to move out of your current struggles

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    Create the clarity and connection to thrive happily together

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    Bring your mutual support and energy to your missions in life, to give to your families, communities, careers ... world

Hi there,

I'm Dr. Sarah Rattray

Founder and CEO of the Couples Communication Institute

Sarah Rattray Ph.D., Couples Psychologist, has spent the last thirty years helping couples create the relationship they always wish they’d had, with the power to make changes that last. She specializes in helping couples communicate safely about what really matters to them, so they feel seen, heard, understood, and supported.

In her career as a private practice Couples Psychologist, she found that as the years went by she was increasingly successful with couples, and increasingly clear about what really made a difference in creating lasting change in relationships. But her ability to help couples was limited by the hours in a week, even as her skills and passion to help grew.

Dr. Sarah was inspired to launch online programs and resources to help motivated couples cultivate loving, clear, connected communication in their relationships.

With expert guidance, practice, and effective tools, couples can shape their relationships themselves, without going to therapy.

She believes that effective communication is at the heart of the holistic interconnection of every part of life within a relationship.

Her mission is to help couples actualize every part of their lives, from their health, to their lifestyles, to their home and environment, so it best serves their relationship, and their relationship best serves their lives. Open, calm, loving, connected communication allows couples to explore every facet of their lives most effectively.

When she’s not working, Dr. Sarah loves Puget Sound views of snow-capped mountains from her home north of Seattle where she raised three incredible children. She has a passion for learning about all things Functional Health, and she loves to dance Argentine Tango when not “social distancing.”