Latest Article Set Up Your Conversations for Success

Set Up Your Conversations for Success

You want to talk with your partner, and you want it to go well – you want to be able to actually talk about what’s on your mind, and feel good while you’re doing it. In the previous post I shared with you some tips on what to think through before you say anything at all.…


Thinking Before You Talk

You know how sometimes conversations with your partner go wrong practically before you even start to talk? You have the...

The Myth That’s Ruining Your Relationship

In my years of working with couples in therapy, I’ve noticed a dangerous myth that almost everyone believes about relationships, and...

How To Talk About Health Concerns

When you or a loved one is having a serious health concern or crisis, in the stress and the demands...

How to Stop Fighting with Your Partner

Remember the last time you had a really good conversation with your partner, how wonderful and safe it felt?  ...

The Secret to Keeping Your Relationship Alive

Would you say that your partner is the most important person in your life besides maybe your own self and...

A Simple Way to Reconnect with Your Partner

When we’re in a rough patch in our relationship, it’s easy to forget why we ever got together in the...

The First Step to Talking With Your Partner

I’ve talked with hundreds, maybe thousands of couples in the past 30 years of my career, and one issue I...

Sharing your Life Dreams

When you want to share a precious life dream with your partner... Your fear is feeling really vulnerable and exposed...

Every couple has a door between them. How open is yours?


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