Get Close and Connected from the comfort of your home

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the excitement you felt when you were first getting to know each other?

The hopes and dreams you had for joining your lives together. The visions of a happy future together, hearing each other’s loving voices as you murmured good night and good morning every day, lighting up at the glimpse of your partner’s smiling face across the room, the warm comfort of each other’s scent as years turned into decades of closeness, the loving embrace and familiar touch strengthening your intimacy through good times and bad...

But now things have changed… This is not the way you ever wanted to feel

After years of working hard side by side on careers and family, now you’re feeling lonely and disconnected. You thought you were building a life together, and it’s scary to feel you’ve become strangers living separate lives in the same house.

You don’t know how to talk about important issues and different opinions. You dread every conversation.

And you’ve really tried. You want to do the work if it will help. You’ve wanted advice from friends, books, workshops, maybe even therapy. Perhaps you’ve learned some good stuff, but it didn’t stick and changes haven’t lasted.

In the pit of your stomach you’re scared - you don’t want to break up your family and end up alone.

Break Through the Disconnection Finally be able to talk again

~ Introducing ~

Couples Communication Made Easy Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Understood.

A step-by-step online course creating
the lasting closeness and intimate connection
you wish to have,
through the clear, loving communication skills you need

to get close and connected.

THE online communication solution for relationship breakthroughs

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    You yearn to feel close & connected again after too much distance between you

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    You're ready to learn how to talk together easily and safely about your thoughts, feelings, and dreams

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    Create the relationship you always wished you had when talking togther is a joy, not a struggle

This is for you if you want to feel close & connected
to your partner

From the moment your relationship with your partner began you imagined joyfully building your life with your best friend, laughing over inside jokes at dinnertime before an evening of intimacy, and long happy days of just being together.

But what happens when the years go by and instead of getting closer you disconnect, disengage, and you feel helpless because you just don’t know how to rekindle your relationship?

You've tried everything you can think of to do on your own, and you're worried about what it means for your future if you can't make this work.

You need a guide you can trust, who really knows what it takes to make your relationship close and connected.

Meet Dr. Sarah

and the Couples Communication Institute

Nobody should have to feel stuck and scared, not knowing how to even communicate with each other. You want to know the path forward to the closeness and intimacy.

I understand how that feels.

I want to help you rekindle your relationship. I’m Dr. Sarah Rattray, the Founder and CEO of the Couples Communication Institute. I’ve spent the last thirty years teaching hundreds of couples simple and effective communication tools that empower them to rekindle their relationship, and the Couples Communication Institute can help you, too.

You’re in the right place.


Couples Communication Made Easy

Is For You If...

You're feeling disconnected:

You've been growing apart, and sometimes you feel like strangers. You wonder if you even know each other anymore.

You have trouble getting on the same page:

When you try to talk with each other, it's hard to hear and understand each other, and a real challenge to get on the same page.

Parenting together is a struggle:

You really want to be able to discuss, and hopefully agree on, how to raise your children together. You have a hard time seeing each other's point of view, let alone come to agreement.

You want to ask for what you need:

Whether you need listening, support, help, or a change, asking for help feels so hard, and sometimes you just stay quiet rather than risk speaking up.

Just talking calmly is a struggle:

It seems like no matter what you want to say, one or both of you feels irritated or annoyed, and you're off on the wrong foot before you even start to talk.

You want to

Be Seen:

You've been growing apart, and sometimes you feel like strangers. You wonder if you even know each other anymore.

Be Heard:

You've been growing apart, and sometimes you feel like strangers. You wonder if you even know each other anymore.

Be Understood:

You've been growing apart, and sometimes you feel like strangers. You wonder if you even know each other anymore.

Feel Close & Connected:

You've been growing apart, and sometimes you feel like strangers. You wonder if you even know each other anymore.

Introduce the offer

What's inside the offer

Limited time deal/ scarcity



Several testimonials

Guarantee w/ T&C link

Overcome objections

State what happens next / SLIDING DOOR alternate universes emilie says threatening them lol



Closing statement

Instruct exactly what to do next FIRMLY

You're afraid that if your relationship takes work maybe that means it's not meant to be.

You're reluctant to go to therapy, because you feel like the two of you could make things better, if you just knew what to do.

You've gone to therapy or are in therapy right now but you feel you're not making the progress you want to... or... you want to really consolidate what you're learning........

You want skills refresher you can watch over and over again, you want to do more

Couples Communication Made Easy

Are you as close and intimate with your partner
as you wish you could be?

Finally talk easily

in effective conversations that
feel welcome, stay safe and calm,
and strengthen your bond.


Feel the intimacy

from being seen, heard, and understood
by your partner... 
the way you always wished you could.

The Couples Communication Institute brings you

Couples Communication Made Easy: Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Understood.

What is "Couples Communication Made Easy?"

An online course where you and your partner can learn everything you need to rebuild your closeness through loving, effective, connected communication.

This clear, step-by-step program shows you the best methods you and your partner can use to start talking together with greater comfort and intimacy.

These are the same techniques and tools that Dr. Sarah has used to help couples communicate and get closer for over 30 years.

"I know how bad it feels when you can't even talk together, and the relief you'll feel when the two of you break the ice, begin to rebuild your connection and rekindle your relationship." - Dr. Sarah

Couples Communication Made Easy The course includes:

  • 5 Modules
  • 2 Total Hours of Content in
    • 28 High-Quality Video Lessons
  • 60 Page Comprehensive E-book
  • Bonus Handout Guides and Worksheet
  • One Full Year of access, to re-take as often as you'd like

To see ALL the module and lesson topics,
and the Bonus Handout guides available:

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m so sure you’ll love all the new communication there's just no risk to you!

I’m so sure you’ll love all the new communication, that if after taking the course you don’t feel it delivered on what was promised within 14 days, I’ll happily give you your money back.

You won’t have to worry about that, of course, because I’m confident that you and your partner are going to love the results. I know it can be scary to try something new, so I'm taking all the risk. Just send me an email if you don't feel you've learned new ways to communicate so you both feel seen, heard, and understood.

Begin TODAY to communicate better, and get close and connected

Loving words

Susannah & Vinny square 213

Sarah offers her special blend of sincere empathy and common sense guidance from a place of compassion borne of many years of professional and life experience. With her gentle inquiries and intelligent suggestions she's helped me figure out for myself what I'm needing. Sarah communicates with warmth and genuine caring and with her often playful humor I come away feeling empowered and ready to be my best self.

Susannah Johnston

Community Organizer & Yoga Instructor

Morgan & Courtney square 213

Sarah has become one of my most trusted advisors and confidants. She speaks with a directness and a clarity that is both compassionate and truthful. It's refreshing. Sarah has been a rock of sound advice. My own insights are reflected back towards me so I am able to both see and access my own innate wisdom. Her capacity for unlocking my own answers within myself is uncanny.

Morgan Smith

Lifelong Educator

Katie & John square 2

Sarah has become an extraordinary mentor in my life. I consider her a confidant, and she gives welcomed advice on the complexities that are marriage/relationships, childrearing, and complete health in mind and body whenever I need help. Sarah is a one of a kind human being. My life has been enriched having known her all of these years, I look forward to the future and would encourage anyone to seek her out for help in any mind, body or health issue someone may be having.

Katie Kahumoku

Pilates Instuctor, Owner: The Workshop

You're ready to get close

Take a look at this foundational communication course:

Couples Communication Made Easy