Great job being curious & motivated about your relationship


Your Communication Resilience Score

Very high communication resilience

In times of stress you and your partner have the kind of communication skills you can count on.

  • You almost always let each other know what you want to talk about, without surprising each other.
  • You almost always stay calm, listen to each other, and offer each other support.
  • You almost always each feel seen, heard, and understood.

These skills set you and your relationship up for not only excellent conversations, but also the ability to truly support each other in stressful times as well as easy times, and to take your relationship further.

Take a moment to discuss with each other what it is that you each think about and do that lets you embrace these attitudes and behaviors, and what you can do to continue this way into the future.

More details are on their way to you in an email: Check in about five minutes.


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