Great job being curious & motivated about your relationship

Below is your general score, some next steps to improve right now, and a guide to help you and your partner with even better communication.

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Very low communication resilience

Urgent: take action now...

Your Communication Resilience is VERY LOW

Your relationship can get there, but you will need some loving work and attention step by step.

In times of stress you and your partner are really struggling to stay calm and just listen to each other with patience. It's frustrating and maybe even scary - when most conversations don't go well you're not sure how to even talk to each other.

  • You don't usually let each other know what you want to talk about, and often surprise, startle, or irritate each other.
  • It's hard for the two of you to stay calm, listen to each other, and offer each other support. Instead you find yourselves fighting yet again, or avoid talking altogether.
  • You usually don't feel seen, heard, or understood. Too often you don't feel you're getting your point across, and usually misunderstand each other.

What's important is that you're aware that you have challenges, and you're curious about and interested in making some positive changes. That's priceless! Think about the positives between you, and all the reasons you have for working together to improve your relationship. You can get there!

Create the lasting closeness and intimate connection you wish to have, with the clear, loving communication skills you need

to get closer and more connected.

Couples Communication Made Easy

Are you as close and intimate with your partner
as you wish you could be?

Finally talk easily

in effective conversations that
feel welcome, stay safe and calm,
and strengthen your bond.


Feel the intimacy

from being seen, heard, and understood
by your partner... 
the way you always wished you could.

The Couples Communication Institute brings you

Couples Communication Made Easy: Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Understood.

What is "Couples Communication Made Easy?"

An online course where you and your partner can learn everything you need to rebuild your closeness through loving, effective, connected communication.

This clear, step-by-step program shows you the best methods you and your partner can use to start talking together with greater comfort and intimacy.

These are the same techniques and tools that Dr. Sarah has used to help couples communicate and get closer for over 30 years.

"I know how bad it feels when you can't even talk together, and the relief you'll feel when the two of you break the ice, begin to rebuild your connection and rekindle your relationship." - Dr. Sarah

Couples Communication Made Easy The course includes:

  • 5 Modules
  • 2 Total Hours of Content in
    • 28 High-Quality Video Lessons
  • 60 Page Comprehensive E-book
  • Bonus Handout Guides and Worksheet
  • One Full Year of access, to re-take as often as you'd like

To see ALL the module and lesson topics,
and the Bonus Handout guides available:


I’m so sure you’ll love all the new communication there's just no risk to you!

I’m so sure you’ll love all the new communication, that if after taking the course you don’t feel it delivered on what was promised within 30 days, I’ll happily give you your money back.

You won’t have to worry about that, of course, because I’m confident that you and your partner are going to love the results. I know it can be scary to try something new, so I'm taking all the risk. Just send me an email if you don't feel you've learned new ways to communicate so you both feel seen, heard, and understood.


Begin TODAY to communicate better, and get close and connected