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the excitement you felt when you were first getting to know each other?

The hopes and dreams you had for joining your lives together. The visions of a happy future together, hearing each other’s loving voices as you murmured good night and good morning every day, lighting up at the glimpse of your partner’s smiling face across the room, the warm comfort of each other’s scent as years turned into decades of closeness, the loving embrace and familiar touch strengthening your intimacy through good times and bad...

But now things have changed… This is not the way you ever wanted to feel

After years of working hard side by side on careers and family, now you’re feeling lonely and disconnected. You thought you were building a life together, and it’s scary to feel you’ve become strangers living separate lives in the same house.

You don’t know how to talk about important issues and different opinions. You dread every conversation.

And you’ve really tried. You want to do the work if it will help. You’ve wanted advice from friends, books, workshops, maybe even therapy. Perhaps you’ve learned some good stuff, but it didn’t stick and changes haven’t lasted.

In the pit of your stomach you’re scared - you don’t want to break up your family and end up alone.

You can rekindle your relationship

Change is possible - it's not too late


About Dr. Sarah

And The Couples Communication Institute

From the moment your relationship with your partner began you imagined joyfully building your life with your best friend, laughing over inside jokes at dinnertime before an evening of intimacy, and long happy days of just being together.

But what happens when the years go by and instead of getting closer you disconnect, disengage, and you feel helpless because you just don’t know how to rekindle your relationship?

I understand how that feels.

Nobody should have to feel stuck and scared, not knowing how to even communicate with each other. You want to know the path forward to the closeness and intimacy.

I want to help you rekindle your relationship. I’m Dr. Sarah Salzman, the Founder and CEO of the Couples Communication Institute. I’ve spent the last thirty years teaching hundreds of couples simple and effective communication tools that empower them to rekindle their relationship, and the Couples Communication Institute can help you, too.

You’re in the right place.

Providing online communication solutions for relationship breakthroughs

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    We teach you the tools and strategies to move out of your current struggles

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    Together we create the clarity and connection to thrive happily together

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    You bring your mutual support and energy to your missions in life, to give to your families, communities, careers... the world

You're ready to rekindle your relationship!

You know how you want to feel - you know the way you always wanted your relationship to be. Feeling close and connected, even after the whirlwind of busy years, like you’re living with your best friend again.

To be living and dreaming united on the same path, feeling safe communicating with each other in effective, clear, loving, healthy ways. Imagine the confidence of knowing you can handle any stressor together without coming apart, that you can talk through any subject without fear of fighting.

Create the lasting closeness and intimate connection you wish to have, with the clear, loving communication skills you need

to rekindle your relationship.


Couples Communication Made Easy self-directed or guided course

To get the two of you close and connected fast, with loving, effective, connected communication


Relationship Mastery program

Our several-month program for motivated couples, with the unique Connection Spark Method to help you create lasting change... coming soon

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